The Random Hour is a radio show produced by the Mystical Poets Productions every sunday at 2pm on Radio Fairfax at Fairfax Public Access.  To access the show Tune in every sunday at 2pm on  Channel 37,  online at or on TuneIn Radio app (search Radio Fairfax).


The objective of the show is to provide a platform for community engagement and artistic expression.

General Show Format




Word on Da Streetz






First sunday show is associated  with the TV show The Inner Loop.


Thrid sunday show is associated with the TV show African Community Forum.



Reaches aproximately 285,000 households in Fairfax county, Virginia via cablecast.

The show can also be heard live on  most radio apps such as TuneIn app.


Segments of the show are archived indefinitely.

(Word on da streetz, guest interviews, and artist interviews)



Hi, my name is Isaac Asare, producer of The Random Hour.  Coming from a TV and music producer world, this show is truly an exciting adventure to combine everything I enjoy: music, poetry, and community building.  The show originally began as a way to  spend an hour per week  taking some time off from an often busy week and engaging in some poetry and music.  As most of my week involves spending time with my 2 young girls, being in an edit booth for hours, or videotaping client projects, this is an opportunity to just sit back, relax and have some "adult" conversation about nearly everything in the DMV area.




How can I get on the show?


We're constantly looking for guests and listener participation.  Feel free to call in live (703-560-8255) or email us your interest in appearing on the show.


What kind of radio show is this?


I was hoping a name like The Random Hour will clearly tell people what kind of show they're listening to but I often get this question a lot.  Started out as a way to learn a new skill, play music, spend an hour per week away from family,  learn how to publicly speak, catch up with some friends, and get a buzz about producing music once again.  Of course attracting listeners brings responsibilities  which has turned this show into a fine line between a bar experience and your average public talk radio.


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