Guest: Tanya Kianda

Topic: Dance instructor Tanya Kianda along with Frank Kesi and Gil Ingles joins me in discussing dance.


Topic: Chardabat joins us as we discuss music.

Guest: Chardabat

Topic: Artist Chardabat talks music.

Guest: Sarah, Frank Kesi, Gil

Topic: Sarah, Frank Kesi, Gil & company join us to discuss music.

Guest: Crucl, Ceromundo

Topic: Guest Crucl & Cero kick us off this month with music and freestyle.

Guest: Chardabat

Topic: Chardabat joins us in the studio as we celebrate African Heritage Month.

Guest: World Music Festival

Topic:  The Random Hour produced a live show during the world music festival on July 16 in Silver Spring MD.

Guest: Adore

Topic: Artist Adore stops by the station with new music, discuss being on American Idol, traveling, and other #random topics.

Guest: Max

Topic: Interview with fashion designer Max.

Guest: Opher

Topic: Hip hop (past, present, future)

Guest: Chardabat

Topic:Chardabat drop by the studio to discuss upcoming performance in Silver Spring and Echostage.

Guest: Srini

Topic:A discussion of music, digital recording, and other random topics.

Guest: Mike "Pizon" Scala

Topic: Pizon is back on the show discussing upcoming album, politics, upcoming Nov 30th performance at Takoma Park, and more.

Guest: Brendan Smith

Topic: The "We Are Takoma Cultural Series" is an arts series in the City of Takoma Park which consists of art exhibitions, humanities lectures, poetry readings, and performing arts. Brendan Smith discuss this series along with arts programs in the city, arts in the DMV area, and more. For more information about the series checkout

Guest: Arjan & Robin Gertner

Topic: Arjan and Robin gives us an insight on the group "Grupo Rompe Cajon."

Guest: Boom Jay

Topic: Boom Jay discuss local music scene, producing music, performing on Nov 30th and more.

Guest: Gil Ingles

Topic: Gil Ingles discuss hosting on Nov 30th, music scene, local artists, hip hop, and more.

Guest: Ceromundo, Crucl, Frank Kesi, Yerusalem

Topic: Ceromundo, Crucl, Frank Kesi, and Yerusalem joins to discuss art, music, poetry, and performance on Nov 30th.

Guest: Gill Ingles, John Fuggin Dough, Frank Kesi, Delana Oliver, Mike Pizon Scala, Yerusalem

Topic: Ceromundo, Crucl, Frank Kesi, and Yerusalem joins to discuss art, music, poetry, and performance on Nov 30th.

Guest: Jazzzelle

Topic: Jazzzeale talks urban music, trip to LA, DMV music scene, upcoming projects and more.

Guest:  Lucifer Graves

Topic: Radio presenter Lucifer Graves of Lucifuge Radio joins to discuss heavy metal.

(Correction- Radio Guild meeting will be on April 17th)

Guest:  Chardabat

Topic: Chardabat returns to the show with his guitar and a new album Perfection.

Guest:  Robin Axel

Topic: Robin stops by the studio to discuss his new album Dear Wayne County.

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