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Guest: Caitlyn & Jerilyn Shelley

Topic: Caitlyn and Jerilyn joins in studio to discuss their annual Oscar nominated film marathon tradition and predict 2018 Oscar winners.

Guest: Jonathan Copeland, Jheanelle Willkins

Topic: Youth engagement in the community.  Black History Month

Upcoming Bills from Delegate Wilkins.

Guest: Anita Washington

Topic: Producer Anita Washington discuss media, women's history month, emotions, and her show That Anita's World.

Guest: Kenneth Freelain, Mike

Topic: Producer Kenneth Freelain discuss the 4 rules of international definition with Mike.

Guest: ---

Topic: If you live in Virginia and parts of Maryland (City of: Takoma Park, Gaithersburg, College Park, Greenbelt, Laurel...) be sure to vote on November 7th.

Guest: Dr. Stephanie Mbella

Topic: We chat with Dr. Stephanie Mbella about the educational system and her new book "The immigrant guide to the American educational system."

Guest: Mayor Eugene Grant, Gil, David Tamayo, Ms Vibes, The Microondas Podcast crew

Topic:  Mayor of Seat Pleasant (Eugene Grant) and The Microondas Podcast crew joins as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Guest: Dr. Hashim El-Tinay

Topic: Dr. El-Tinay discuss Islam and his book Liberation.

Guest:  Joseph Ross

Topic: Poet Joseph Ross read from his new book ACHE, DC area poetry scene, Cool Disco Dan, and several social issues.

Guest:  World Music Festival

Topic: The Random Hour produced a live show during the world music festival on July 16 in Silver Spring MD.

Guest:  Earnest & Gil.

Topic: 7 curse words you can't use on radio.

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Jacobs

Topic: Dr. Jennifer Jacobs discuss her organization Connect our Kids.

Topic: Spirituality and modern living.

Guest: Pastor Norman Gordon

Guest: Ruth Benet

Topic: Conversation with Ruth about her involvement in the community, retirement life, interaction with the younger generation, TV production, religion, gardening, vegan lifestyle, and more.

Guest: Gil Ingles, Romero Wyatt

Topic: Producer Romero Wyatt discuss producing Nana Frimpong & Kantinka album, Gil Ingles discuss setting a blueprint for African Diaspora organizations, and more.

Guest: Dr. Hashim El-Tinay

Topic: Dr. El-Tinay talks spirituality, politics, human behavior, Foggy bottom area, the "box" concept, upcoming projects, and more.

Guest: Terrassa Asare, Karen Stupski, Gil Ingles.

Topic: I-Dog spends mothers day with family in studio. Interview with Karen Stupski about Goddard College and international communities, discussion with Gil.

Guest: Agnes Leshner

Topic: Agnes Leshner joins in the studio to discuss her organization 4Montgomery's Kids, child welfare, the DMV area, upcoming primary elections in Montgomery County, and more.

Guest: Gil Ingles

Topic: Stopped by Xposure studio chat with Gil about a year in review with a focus on the African diaspora community.

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